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"Pratik Metal" is a leading manufacturer & exporter of S.S. Architectural Products. The company stands tall to its competitors in many ways like range of products, in-hous plant faciilties, Quality of the products, etc.....

The range of products includes S.S. Railing & Balusters, S.S. Tube & Fittings, S.S. Bathroom Accessories & S.S. Kitchen Baskets. Such a wide range of products with its quality of finish & raw material of SS-304 / SS-316 attracts the customer for life long.

The company owes a well equipped manufacturing facility at Shapar (Veraval) Rajkot with all latest machineries duly upgraded / modified in order to compile the better quality requirement of the customers. The orgranization take proud of its team which is very quality conscious & leaves no stone unturned when it comes to betterment of our products. The standard raw material of SS-304 / SS-316 adds on to our quest for the best quality products.

Our specialty in S.S. balusters with its specific design & standard modular components makes it possible to eliminate onsite fabrication & welding disasters. As the various parts are carefully designed and make so as to fit to the perfection in various different site dimensions and conditions. The easiness of mounting & artistic touch of designing makes our customers feel satisfied for rest of the life.

Our products has wider range of applications in bungalows, commercial & educational structures, Airport Terminals, Shopping Malls, Multiplex Theaters, Amusement Parks, Hotels, Restaurants, etc....

Connectivity and Relationship plays major & Vital Role in Business with each-others support together we'll achieve the goal of success.

Our production system and method, Quality contrl division, proper & prompt service, intime delivery and our wide marketing network are connected very well to provide best products.

Passion for Innovation

Renovatoin depends on innovations. No one can survice withought imaginative and innovative approach. we spent more timeon designing and shaping the product, its functioning, long lasting durability and it's classic look. yes, we're setting trend.

Design and Pattern

We've our own designer studio and talented team of qualified artists and product designer who creat something unique, innovative product line. their art and craft meets together abd makes masterpiece products.

Step in the filed of fascinatinf world and find the solution...


To become the best in its class with continuous up - grading in technology, incomparable creativity and trend setting leadership


To become the best major player in the industry, We're commited to providing exclusive designs, unmatched quality and dependability for the most valued person... our customer!